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Nation's Community Schools

The nation's community schools have been operating since 1996, offering quality early childhood education through group kindergarten programs that are three and four years old. Our primary focus is the well-being of every child. We give our children the attention they need to grow and develop into happy, healthy people who trust school.


A vibrant educational community where families, employees and rivers of knowledge work together.


All members of our society including children, families and teachers have rights to interactions.


We provide quality education that develops all knowledge and promotes our Islamic values and our Arab culture...

Why the Nation's Private Schools

(العربية) الاعتماد على الطريقة التفاعلية في التعليم
(العربية) تأسيس ودعم المهارات اللغوية
(العربية) الأنشطة المنهجية واللامنهجية
(العربية) الابتكار والإبداع

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